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What is the worth of a human
Late last week, I finished Too Human. I feel...conflicted about the game. In terms of gameplay, it had serious issues: there is no way to manipulate the camera, the attack system is just this side of worthless, the enemies are autoleveled such that they take forever to kill, some status ailments are guaranteed kills, the only penalty for death is an annoyingly long cutscene plus some item damage, items take damage, etc. On the other hand, I find the world and its aesthetic fascinating. The basic theory is that in some post-apocalypic future, a group of people have been biologically enhanced so as to become Norse-themed gods. As such, your soldiers think of you as a god, valkyrie--in this case in futuristic armor with wings like one might see in a mech anime--take dead soldiers from the battlefield, and all of the Aesir talk with overly theatric language (that somehow works quite well in the world). Perhaps the most welldone part is the idea of the fairy realm: rather than having a literal land of fae, they have cyberspace which has evolved to be similar with sentient AIs and its own completely seperate visual design from the metallic cold real world.

I suppose ultimately, I cannot recommend the game--it just isn't very fun. Nevertheless, I hope for a (much better) sequel so that the universe can be explored further. If not, I might have to run an RPG game set it in at some point...

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