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Gamex 2010 Day Four
The final day of Gamex was, as usual, the lightest. I began the day with the Mega Dominion tournament. I ended up making it to the second round (of three total), but was crushed by a series of bad draws. The person that I roomed with for the convention, however, managed to get second place in the tournament by using screwy strategies which messed up the more conventional plans that the other players used.

After packing up, I spent a couple of hours in the auction. I got several very good deals there, even though I didn't buy nearly as much as last con. I picked up a sealed copy of Power Grid for $24; a sealed copy of Fluxx 3.1 for $4; and a first edition Shadowrun book for $1. I also picked up some nifty dungeon building tiles at the dealer's room though they weren't really a deal.

My last game for the day was Shadow Hunters. My team ended up losing, but only just. It all came down to a single d4 roll and I didn't roll high enough.

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