2008 Jul 02 rinoa

Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:12:00

Things that suck.
1. Finding out right as you're getting ready to leave work that something absolutely has to get done before you leave.
2. It taking an hour.
3. Horses going down the wrong side of the street, toward you, while you're on a bike.
4. Blowing a breaker when the breakerbox is outside, downstairs, behind the building, in a dark alley at night.
5. Your iPod getting stolen. Again.
6. Vacuum cleaners.
7. Wasting a DVD trying to burn YellowDog for the PS3 with a bad image.
8. Trying to install Ubuntu on the PS3 and it refusing to ever load X.
9. Rent going up by $100.
10. Being on call for jury duty.

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