2007 Nov 04 rinoa

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New Tool
So, I was driving back from CAS when I suddenly heard a thumping noise coming from my left front tire. I quickly pulled over and found, after some inspection this stuck in my tire:

This, for those who cannot tell due to the blurry camera-phone picture, is a multitool. Specifically, it is a hex-wrench multitool. The largest of the wrenches on this tool was the one sticking into my tire, and its removal caused my tire to go flat within 3 minutes. Luckily, my car has a compact spare and I am reasonably competent at changing a tire, so it only delayed me perhaps twenty minutes (plus another 10 because you aren't supposed to drive at highway speeds on a compact spare, so I took the main roads).

Unfortunately, this will probablly mean that I have to purchase at least one new tire. It may be possible to patch the hole in my old tire, but I have some doubts.

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