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Two part post

I finally implemented a method for dynamically updating my DNS records over the internet. All the machines need to have in order to be able to update is to have a way to occasionally connect to a website and provide HTTP POST data. If you can't do post data, it also supports sending everything in HTTP GET. I had to do this for my Irix box that doesn't have a modern copy of wget and doesn't have a compiler. If you want to use the service to have a dynamic hostname of form, just comment and I'll give you instructions (and a host passcode). I'll probably link to the source code once I'm less ashamed of it. It isn't very efficient. It is of order m * n where m is the number of lines in the old zone file and n is the number of hosts that it has to deal with. This isn't a big deal because I have less than 20 hosts to deal with and it only updates once a day.

Part ii

I'm considering building a rack-mount box. By this, I mean a box in which one would mount rack-mount equipment. I have already found a supplier that sells rackstrip and a reasonably priced model of rack-mount case that I could use to replace all of my current boxes (at least at rose). Currently, I am attempting to determine how much supplies would cost. I would only need a saw, screws and MDF. Unfortunately, Lowe's website doesn't do a very good job of describing its lumber offerings. I'll probably go tomorrow to attempt to determine what sort of costs I'd be looking at. If I can build the rack for less than say $175, there is a good chance that I will do it. Especially since I already have the equipment necessary to stain it. Just a note, I'm aiming for 44U.

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